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Samism is the epitome of compliment. It is akin to religions in the sense that there is a deity involved, but that deity is the person the compliment is directed at. Though the etymology is complex and often misunderstood, the original word (Sahmism) is understood as the ancient hebrew word for 'awesome-ism'. Samism makes you the cheese. And everyone wants to be the cheese.
The reason you didn't win is because he practices Samism. Tool.
by Dr34m.iZm January 03, 2008
A random, illogical and potentially insane statement made by a person who believes it to be complete fact and refuses to believe otherwise. A Samism is usually also completely irrelevant to the current topic of conversation.
Sam: "Biology isn't a real science when you think about it."
Ryan: "What?! Samism!

Sam: "Did you know that you're more likely to die on your way to collect your winnings after you win the lottery than you are to actually win the lottery?"
Ryan: "Did you even think about that before you said it? Samism!
by RM1992 December 08, 2010
Any word that is made up but still makes sense if you were to use it
Entertrainment is a samism it means entertainment training
by CCA October 15, 2005