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Woman of amazing amounts of purity, love, caring and tenderness and deserving of respect, honor and admiration.
Mother Teresa was a Samar.
by TSFT February 03, 2010
A beautiful lady who has the kindest heart but tries to portray herself as a strong woman. She is usually very sexy but modest enough to try to hide it. Samars do not care about what people think yet they care about people so they do whatever possible to please them. They are honest and loyal. Samars are the ideal women.
Man 1: what kind of women are you looking to marry?
Man 2: A Samar yo. I need a Samar!
by 4thofjuly September 21, 2011
An Egyptian Name meaning "Queen Of Gucci"
Women 1: Hey Samar you should get those new gucci shoes.

Samar: I already have them.
by ~>Mr.Poetic<~ February 13, 2008
Persian: a gift, a present, a baby boy who is considered as a gift for his parents, highly gifted child (female: samra)

Arabic: darkness of night
those who work hard are rewarded with a samar
by shadow111 April 19, 2011
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