An amazing person that everyone loves. she is kind, sweet, gentle, and innocent looking, but watch out for her.. if she doesnt like you or is mad at you, she will hurt you.
by fallendreamergirl February 14, 2010
A random, sarcastic, mischievous, lovable, spontaneous, adventurous female who will charm the pants off of anyone she meets. Samantha's are extremely friendly, and usually enjoy good vibes from the people she's around. Don't piss off a Samantha because not only will you be S.O.L in gaining a great friend, but chances are horrible things will happen to you later on in the future. Samantha's a loyal lovers that treat their significant other with the up most respect and trust as person could ask for.

If you happen to run across a Samantha, first impressions are in order because a little good goes a long way.
Guy: Man, I shouldn't have cheated on Samantha with that dumb cheap skank at the party, not only did she leave me, but she ended up with someone who is better looking than me with a better job, a degree in a prestigious school, has a new car and a great career.

Guy 2: Better luck next time :)
by SamanthaLee April 29, 2010
Samantha , a girl with class and style. loves having fun and having deep and meaningful conversations. Loves singing, dancing and acting.
That Samantha is one classy and talented girl
by Namrehs July 17, 2010
By far, the most amazing person in the world. The ideal friend and girlfriend. She is super cute, and can easily pull off the hot look and turn anybody on. Samantha's are also extremely nice, very outgoing, and the most adorable thing to walk this planet.

Also, there are a occasionally a Samantha that can be found that are pretty much the epitome of a girlfriend. They can talk to you for hours, solve any problem, give amazing hugs, give outstanding kisses, and write cute little notes/letters to you. She is also a professional at making out (not in a slut kind of way, but in a "I can do everything" kind of way), and can make a man melt for her.
Boy 1: Oh damn, who is that?!
Boy 2: Don't you see how cute she is? She's obviously a Samantha.
Boy: Cute? I think that's an understatement.
by deepinlove June 20, 2010
1- a bestfriend, and a perfect girlfriend. if you ever meet a samantha, get to know her, and if you're looking for a date, go for it. she's the one.
2- always funny, and always adorable. samanthas usually enjoy music, movies, and becoming your bestfriend.
3- often times tho, samanthas cause drama between friends, if there's dating involved. so, watch out!
4- find one, TODAY!
Austin- So, I just met this girl, Samantha.. She's really cool!
Alex- I'M dating a Samantha! She's funny, and sweet, and cute, and oh so adorable!
Austin- Yeah, that sounds about right....
Alex- ..... Get away from my girlfriend.
by TriviumTragedy. February 10, 2010
walking godess, with a huge, hugeeeeee ass
"omg what is that huge round beautiful bedind?"

"It's definitely a Samantha"

by kassandra El Souki February 21, 2009
An amazing girl who is simply flawless. She acts like a bad ass in front of everyone but she's actually a major cheeseball. Usually a nice person when you buy her things like jamba, chipotle, and mcflurrys. She is gorgeous beyond comparison and makes men do double takes on a daily basis. It is very hard to not have a crush on her after looking at her and almost impossible after talking to her for a few minutes. She runs extremely slow and can be extremely lazy at times. She absolutely loves school with a passion and cherishes the IB program. She is one person you would want as a friend and the only one you would want as a girlfriend. If her last name is rymus, you need to be one of the smoothest guys on the face of the earth to get her to be yours.
Dude 1 - Damn dude. Your gf is stunningly gorgeous and very amicable. Are you dating a victoria's secret model?

Dude 2 - Naw dude. I'm dating a samantha. A samantha rymus to be exact.
by SpongeBob Bandaid February 16, 2010

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