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The most genuine person you will ever meet. easy to get along with. and is true. has a pure heart. and is always there to give a helping hand.
I wish my man was a samad.
by Dr.ritchy July 18, 2009
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Persian male name:

Everlasting / Eternal / Absolute / Without Equal

The name is used in both Arabic and Persian and in Islamic religion it is one of the 99 names of god (As-Samad)

However the name/word has been found to out-date the Islamic religion by millenia, examples have been found in both the ancient Persian empire as well as the ancient Egyptian empire.

On a side note: expect anyone that is literally called the "everlasting eternal absolute god without equal" to be a little weird.
No point going up against a Samad

Samad put that cookie down you are fat enough already
by Snapsticks May 24, 2010

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