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A fake name, sometimes taken by a manwhore to hide their true identity.
Girl 1: Hey, meet my new boyfriend, Sam Smith. He's so great in bed, but he's always so distant...

Girl 2: Uh oh. Don't get too attached.
by evilnate January 26, 2011
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Samuel Frederick, Sam Smith, is an English singer and songwriter. He rose to fame in October 2012 when he was featured on Disclosure's breakthrough single "Latch", which peaked at number 11 on the UK Songs Chart.
Sam Smith's album "In the Lonely Hour" reached number one on the Top Albums list of 2015.
by Ironically Incredible April 04, 2015
Sam Smith is a handsome British gay singer that is most known for his songs 'Money On My Mind' and 'Stay With Me'. His real name is Samuel Frederick "Sam" Smith and was born May 19, 1992 which makes him 22. His debut songs are 'La La La' By Naughty Boy (feat.Sam Smith) and 'Latch' By Disclosure (feat.Sam Smith)
"Hey have you hear the song stay with me yet"
"No who's it by"
"Sam Smith of course"
by elie sky June 21, 2014
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