Mass-Geonocidle Maniac. Usually of Australian or German background. Likes such mechanised equipment as Military Grade weaponry and explosives. Enjoys murder and generally makes jokes about killing and mutilating corpses. Sam's have a tendency to be racist and highly discriminative as well as homicidal.

However, some Sam's do have an attractions to members of the opposite races.
"Adolf Elizabeth Hitler was a Sam"
"Joseph Stalin was a Sam"
"Chopper Ried was a Sam"
by SWAG.SWAG.SWAG.SWAG May 29, 2012
A big warehouse where you pay a membership fee, usually $40-$150 a year to pay a couple dollars less for an item which you buy twice a year since that is the only times you go there. There is an employee at the door who punches a hole in your receipt but never checks your items in your cart so you could potentially steal a lot of stuff.
I went to Sam's and payed $10 for a pack of Gatorade! They had it at Wal-Mart for $12!
by LanceN March 19, 2006
An amazing, caring, sweetheart. Says the sweetest things, they may be cheesy but he doesn't say them just to get the good stuff. You can count on a Sam with everything, he keeps secrets. He's very trustworthy. He's hard to get out of your mind, and has an amazing personality. To lose a Sam, is like losing your mind.
Wow, I want a Sam of my own. :)
by jean12345 February 20, 2011
A kid that is often called gay by others cause the stuff he does is usually funnier then the stuff they do.
#1 "Sam is so gay"
#2 "Why what did he do?"
#1 "He is just gay!"
by P3n1s L1ck3r 69 January 20, 2012
a boy who is caring and will always be there for you. can be emotional but is also very self-sufficient. loves to talk about everything and anything. has good taste in music. he's been jamie's bestfriend since 5th grade. he's sweet and is someone you could really see falling in love with. doesn't have the best history with girls from the past but hopefully it won't still be the same in the future. has the most kick-ass sister you could ever meet. he's everything you could ask for, and so much more.
girl: do you know sam?
other girl: yeah i love sam!
by jamielada September 12, 2010
a very common name which can also be used as term for restaurant city addicts
guy 1: I pulled a sam yesterday

guy 2: you stayed up all night on RC?
by yunho_who July 06, 2010
A person who is both a closet-hippie and a gangsta-thug at the same time.
The hip hop artist Kid Cudi is a sam.

Steve: "Damn, that girl's a real Sam. She's got the hoop earrings, AND a peace sign bracelet."
by s-tom(3) June 07, 2010
A guided missile launched from land or sea against an airborne target.
SA - 1 Guild, SA - 2 Guideline, SA - 3 Goa,
by violentbob2 March 29, 2005

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