Mass-Geonocidle Maniac. Usually of Australian or German background. Likes such mechanised equipment as Military Grade weaponry and explosives. Enjoys murder and generally makes jokes about killing and mutilating corpses. Sam's have a tendency to be racist and highly discriminative as well as homicidal.

However, some Sam's do have an attractions to members of the opposite races.
"Adolf Elizabeth Hitler was a Sam"
"Joseph Stalin was a Sam"
"Chopper Ried was a Sam"
by SWAG.SWAG.SWAG.SWAG May 29, 2012
Swag At Me
Get your SAM
by sexMONSTER????? April 29, 2009
One of the great Viking Lords of the 9th century, a very gay man. A revolutionary in the world of the gay, he was known to pass out lube and erotic gay paintings at every port he passed through. A drunkard, who smelled of rotting cats and mustard, that often destroyed villages with a swing of the genitalia and was renknowned for eating small children. He was married 16 times; 6 wives, 4 husbands, and 6 unknown creatures that were most likely eaten after the marriage. These marriages gave him 37 beautiful children, 13 of whom were fed to Sam fifer in order to calm him.
Do you have to do the history essay?
Yeah, what topic are you doing?
Sam fifer, the gay viking lord.
Yeah he was amazing.
by ebods678 February 28, 2008
A word usualy depicted for a michael jackson impersonator. A guy that looks like MJ but cannot dance like him, many girls think he is thick and smells quite bad and most people secretly hate him
"OMG that guy cannot dance and he smells realy bad, what a sam!
by crazzzyfool1456 May 10, 2011
A stupid fat ugly emo with no life
Sam Sam Sam Wrist slitting slut, Does it everyday cut cut
by Sam2gdsyjsf November 11, 2011
1-One who thinks he has absolute knowledge about video-games, but has none at all.
2-One who listens to things others say or people say in movies, then repeats them as a stupid jokes making no sense.
3-A complete 'dick head' to friends and gets mad or frustrated with them for doing something and does it more or worse themselves.
Sam: "The AK74u in Black Ops is based on the one in Rambo."

X: "I'm 2nd prestige in MW2!"
Sam: "Oh ya, well I'm 8th prestige!"
Y: "I'm 5th prestige."
Sam: "Wow you guys are such fags for playing too much video games!!!"
by it's-true December 12, 2010
Sam is what as known as a P.I.C., He will always have for back on anything.
Sam whats up my p.i.c.

Sam wanna double team that hottie over there?

sam- Hellz ya P.I.C. ill ram her hard
by Blogger 42 May 27, 2009
A disease originating from a person who shall remain nameless.. cough Sam O'Toole.
A chain of rash's, spots and dry, horrible looking hair will result.
Dude you've got Sams!

Sorry Sarah I can't come swimming.
I got Sams.

I feel so bitchy and strangely fake.
You must have Sams!!
by popgoestheweasel8 January 04, 2008

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