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Salwa is an extremely attractive and intelligent female with a beautiful body. She is the ultimate desire of many, but none can have her as she remains pure in heart, body, and soul. The name "Salwa" is derived from the Arabic language meaning solace and comfort. Given her unique combination of gifts, it is rumored that Salwa is possibly an angel, bringing peace, stability, and happiness to the lives of many. Most popular amongst bad boys looking for redemption and preppies looking to fulfill their fantasies.
Preppy: Dude, I must have died and gone to heaven!
Bad boy: No, u lucky ass. I think you just saw Salwa.
by femmefatal February 03, 2010
salwa LOVES to study, read, revise, research, for hours everyday!
salwa is soo smart!
by unknown June 15, 2004
A term used to express when one has been swindled or conned, usually out of large amounts of money.

It can be used as an exclamation or as a way to describe the act.
Oh man, I've just been salwa'd!
Don't do a salwa.
by carl's senior April 18, 2011
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