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A nipple that is slaty and or overly hairy.
This saltyness maybe caused by excessive sweating, faggishness or due to non showering.

Is nomally found on fags like Kyle Gaas, Arron Carter, Robert Pattenson, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and the EXTEREME SUPER FAG Justen Beiber.
Dude #1: "I did this hot chick lastnight but she had Salty nipples it was like licking my own balls"
Dude #2 "That wasn't a chick that was Justen Beiber, and why would you know how saly your own balls are?"
Dude #1"We will never speak of this moment AGAIN"
by Ass crass July 09, 2010
The perfect beach bar
Hey Rob, let's get drunk at the Salty Nipple tonight!
by Aprilllll May 05, 2006
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