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When a man and a woman are having sex on a beach and the man pulls out to place his penis in the sand before beginning intercourse again.
Jessica: I think I still have sand in my vagina from that Salty Seagull I got last night.
by Morbius 2271 August 10, 2008
When a girl is doming you up and then flappes her arm and then does a sound of a sea lion.
Man that girl can sure give a salty sea gull.
by BPChuy89 April 05, 2011
When a guy is about to cum, he pulls out and drops his load on top of the lady's head, a la a seagull
Are you using a new shampoo?

No, I got a hit by a salty seagull last night.
by retturd February 11, 2010
When a man ejaculates into a woman's mouth.. Then hits her throat with the side of his hand causing her to cough it up..
Mandy: I got salty seagulled last night..
Marla: So that's not a hickey?
by acubed January 05, 2008