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A game that jocks play in the locker rooms, where they gather in a circle and beat off onto a salty cracker. Whoever comes last has to eat it. Which further proves my theory that jocks are fags.
I'm sure some jock's lose on purpose.
by benwad934 October 07, 2004
Supposedly a game played by bored army recruits in the field. Someone takes out an MRE cracker and the group starts to masturbate onto it. Whoever blows their wad last is the loser, and they must eat the cracker.
Soldier 1: Dude, this is boring, let's play some Salty Cracker!
Soldier 2: OK! I'll grab one from my MRE.
Soldier 3: Umm... are you guys whacking it on a cracker?
Soldiers 1+2: Hell yeah, wanna join?
Soldier 3: Sure!
Soldiers 1+2: Haha, you lose, EAT IT BITCH!
Soldier 3 gags.
by Graeme_W June 02, 2006
Term used to describe people of caucasian decent's negative feelings of our new President-Elect Barack Obama he won the Presidential Election!

"You better get you some water because its going to be a whole lot of salty crackers walking around!"
by Yellagirlrica November 06, 2008
A pissed off white boy.
A pissed off white boy is a SALTY CRACKER.
by Tad Jones January 22, 2009
when you eat out a womans stubbly pussy, after she just got done working out
salty cracker,yummmmmmmy
by jasonccc April 06, 2007
A white guy with severe dandruff problems.

"That fuggin salty cracka swimming is gonna turn our lakes turn into a lobster fest ocean.
by Dennis Lopez March 04, 2004
A white girl who lives in a cardboard box. Often found in a bag with other crackers. Tasty if not stale. Goes down well with butter.
My girlfriend is a salty cracker. I like to lick her salty crack.
by skeez October 11, 2004
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