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23 Letter English alphabet, missing the letters 'S', 'A' and 'L'. Any use of 'S' will be replaced by 'Z', 'A' will be 'O' and 'L' will be 'R'.

Exemption to this rule is the word 'Salphabet'.
23 Retter Engrizh Orphobet, mizzing the retterz 'Z', 'O' ond 'R'. Ony uze of 'Z' wirr be reproced by 'Z', 'O' wirr be 'O' ond 'R' wirr be 'R'.

Exemption to thiz rure iz the word 'Salphabet'.
#alphabet #nonsense #weed #ignorance #a level means shit #don't do drugs
by gbud December 06, 2010
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