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Non-rock climber. A person completely clueless about rock climbing and has no idea what a climber is referring to.
Person 1: Whoah, did you see that cool dyno that climber just did?!
Person 2: Whats a dyno?
Person 1: You're such a retter.
by Yeeaah. October 11, 2011
1. The most chivalrous bastard you'll ever meet. Actually a huge sweetheart, but you'll be too busy drowning in his cheesy bullshit to realize it. Overprotective to the max. He really likes smelling people, stargazing, and fire. He's honestly probably the ideal guy (good with kids, cooks, tall, deep voiced), but you'll just want to punch him too much to give him a shot. All in all, he's basically 7 feet of pure bullshit.

2. ...German word meaning "Savior"
B: So, tell me again how you put up with Retter on a daily basis?
A: ...I have no idea.
by karichan June 02, 2014
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