mixing different types of weed in a blunt or mixing weed and hash.
She mixed dro and dirt in a blunt so it would stop going out due to the moisture of the dro.
by Jacki March 22, 2003
A combintion of multiple different types of Marijuana.
This blunt we're rolling is going to be a nice salad.
by Tom Pike May 30, 2008
Marijuana. Good Marijuana
Hey man, I just sat down with a bowl O'Salad, come on over!
by Captain Jackpot March 25, 2005
your hair or hair-do
"nice salad buddy"
by darrenzo February 14, 2003
The style and look of a metrosexual male's hair, usually styled with a ridiculous amount of gel and featuring hightlights, often of blue or pink color.
"Dude, my salad is lookin' kinda bangin right now."
by JNick April 25, 2006
The ashy substance left for the final hit in a nearly finished bowl of kind bud(usually in class pipes)

N, V, ADJ-Salad Adv-Salady
N. I made Scorpion hit the Salad in our bowl today.
V. Scorpion, please salad this hit, because I surely don't want it.
Adj. Ewww dude, don't smoke the salad bowl.
Adv. The hits Samson made us all take were salady.
by Gorilla April 22, 2004
adjective: to denote something as being lame, weak, of poor quality. origin: campus of UCLA, Kerckhoff Hall Patio. Originally used as "sa'altak" meaning "did I ask you?" in arabic whenever a stupid remark was made. gradually became "salad" and was used as a generally adjective.
1) "you failed Biology? salad!"
2) "dude, i saw the Aviator, that movie was salad"
by Wacky Iraqi January 30, 2005

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