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An act performed while cuddling, when the two parties are facing each other and their legs are intertwined. This act is similar to spooning, but both parties benefit from mutual love and intimacy.
Guy 1: So did you and your girlfriend bang last night?
Guy 2: No, we were both feeling tired, so we did some salad tonged instead. It was bliss.
by Theoriginalsaladtonger'13 November 13, 2010
A fu-manchu mustache. A reference to the shape of the mustache and the tendency of people sporting them to toss salad.
That dirty bastard's sporting some serious salad tongs.
by Chip Z'hoyy July 31, 2011
A modified form of canoodling in which one partner, generally the smaller of the two, lays on top of the other. This positions the partners faces in such a way as to facilitate smooches.
Al: When I woke up, you and Linda were makin out!
Jeff: Nah bro, that was just the "Salad Tong"
Al: Oh, sick!
by snottypants angel March 24, 2011
A word used when the pressure is on you to be cool. When all your hip friends use words like, Groovy and Keen, just say Salad Tongs and you will be Mister Popular!
Ugly Kid: Salad Tongs
Everyone: I want to hump him!
by Arkalit November 13, 2004
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