"Suck(s) At Life." Used when a person changes your plans, and/or mood from good to bad, either intentionally or unintentionally. He/She SAL.

My boss walked in at 5:30 on Friday and handed me a project to finish that had been sitting on her desk all day. She definitely SAL.

You texted me to tell me that you can't make it to my going away party because your girlfriend/boyfriend has a headache. You SAL.

by grumpypantalones March 27, 2009
noun. a person who "Sucks At Life." pronounced Sal, not S-A-L.
WTF, what a SAL. She ruined our plans once again.

You're such a SAL! Stop being a little bitch.
by theJB April 01, 2009
A gay chihuahua with a little dick.
I met a sal yesterday.
by jeae April 14, 2010
1.The act of having a tiny turtle inserted into the rectum and then removed and swallowed alive by the person who had it in their rectum.

2. Small Asian Lesbian
1. I heared susan pulled a sal last night

2. Kim is such a sal
by The Giorgi March 16, 2009
Abbreviation for "sucks at life". someone with very little prospects in life and a term used to describe someone who has been dealt a bad hand.

Also someone with a face who can make a lady vomit.
Here comes "sal" again. What a huge loser.
by salvatore vitale the fourth October 30, 2008
to dive; lay out

misused as "sell out"

Narnian Root
to sal for a baseball, or to sal from a fast moving car
by Alaska490 June 29, 2009

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