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Saija's are cute females with a very strong sense of adventure. Might go by a nickname of "Sai" or something Japanese sounding. The personality of a Sai will drive away many, but anybody who gets to know one will be immediately befriended and welcomed. Sai's enjoy romantic fantasy stories above all else, things with dragons, knights, princesses, and especially bards. DnD is often a hobby. Once a Sai has her eyes set on you, she will never want to let you go. Sai's also tend to be very shy and afraid when it comes to admitting romantic feelings, as they often expect the worst, even if they hope for the best. Befriending a Saija will enrich your life with her adorable humor and random acts of... well... Saija.
Saija: I would date an elf, no matter which gender it was
by Dragonslayer887647 May 31, 2011
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