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A term used after you fart to keep from getting punched. If fail to say before someone says "doornob" you get punched until you touch a doornob. Doornob can be called if a fart is heard or smelled.
Gator: (poot)
Scrawn: dang dude....doornob
Gator: Ah F bomb
Scrawn: (punched)
by Kswaub April 29, 2005
This is what you say when fart and you don't want to get socked in the arm.
Saftey! HAA man that stinks.
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
Something that is not guaranteed.
Mullet Dude- I need someone to go back in time with me.
Some Guy- Will I need to bring my own weapons?
Mullet Dude- Yeah, I've only done this once before.
Some Guy- Oh.
Mullet Guy- Saftey is not guaranteed.
by Grand Man Zak Attack March 04, 2006
Adjective: Ultra Cool, Slick
Man that is a pretty saftey motorcycle you have there!
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
The action of being safe while getting high
Hey man, are you going to the saftey meeting?
by Jose Juanson October 24, 2015
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