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Verb: Of and relating to extremely erratic movement on any axis.

Origin: Of and relating to the movements of a fiendishly giddy kangaroo rat.
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
much love
much love brotha
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
A greeting. Drunken email from employee to employer regarding failure to show up for work resulted in the query "ko?" instead of "ok?" Time has eroded the original meaning to a greeting, after months of harrassment insued where the entire workplace greeted the unfortunate employee with "ko!" every morning.
KO! How are you this AM?
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
Adjective: Ultra Cool, Slick
Man that is a pretty saftey motorcycle you have there!
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
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