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Pimped Out Nigga Wit Lots of G's
Damn man he's a Safi!! Wut a P.I.M.P.
by Jason Chung June 13, 2004
best person in the world with a abnormally large penis with a caring heart
Russel Crowe wishes he was just like safi
by doc4678 November 24, 2008
A person who has an abnormally large penis and occasionaly is called by the name "FRED".
"Hay look, it is FRED(SAFI), lets go say hi, he's cooler than us!"
by Robbie's on his period again! November 17, 2008
A bubbly girl who will never disappoint you. She is the type of person who can make your day by just seeing her. Her voice makes you happy. She is a beautiful, intelligent girl who doesn't seem to know it but if you tell her a lot then maybe she will understand. Always in a good mood, it will make you cry to see her cry. The light she brings into a room is unbearable and may blind you but it is apart of being her friend. She sticks up for herself and will never let you down.
Dang that girl Safi is so nice you should be her friend dude.
by Keybee February 02, 2014
Safi is an Arabic word meaning "pure", "selfless", good friend.
Honey that is pure like Safi , is light and soothing .
by kmd467 January 03, 2016
The most amazing and beautiful girl on the face of the earth. Easily angered, beware her axe embedded in your head. Under NO circumstances tickle her, she WILL scream bloody murder!
Safi: f*ck off!
Peasant: aw, does somebody need a tickle...
Ruby: nonononnonononononnono what have you done you peasant!!!!!!!
Safi: *bloodcurdling, eardrum-crumbling scream*
by Blue unicorn March 04, 2014
A guy who says that he will never do drug's or drink but ends up a junky alcoholic and is often rather small. Also this person often hates people called Robbie
Guy: Didn't he say he wasn't ever going to drink?

Girl: Yeah he is such a Safi
by Ali's Camel March 31, 2009
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