Saffa is a term used for South African immigrants taking over a country (usually London)
Check out all the Saffa's!
by Taryn April 16, 2004
an awesomest person ever
dude hes cooler than saffa...
no he isnt... saffa is the best...
by saaafffaaa December 14, 2010
Saffas are the scourge of modern soceity. They are even worse than chavs. Saffas tend to infest small areas of a city quickly turning them into "no-fly zones" for anyone not of european descent.

They are a mean spirited people who tend to be none too intelligent. The exception that proves this rule is Brian Habana. He learned from an early age that being a "bleck" that was good at sport he could escape the ghetto.

There are many theories as to why saffas are so bitter. The most credible is that they are sexually frustrated. This is because they are crap in the sack so are never satisfied. The women, whilst hot, are crap lays. They commonly "starfish" or "do fuck all but look at the ceiling" during intercourse. The man have tiny tiddles and blow their load within 2 minutes. Tops.

Famous saffas: Brian habana, percy montgomery, nelson mandela
by wankelman January 07, 2009
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