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A man of extreme safety. Wears parachutes and protective gear at all time in case of an emergency. Is easily aggravated by people disobeying the Laws of Safety, such as, running on side walks and jaywalking. Other offences that can occur are people with bags and purses, as there may be drugs located within the bag or purse. A Safety Boy will most likely attack that person in order to find out if there are drugs in the bag. Safety Boys have high respects for police officers unless they are shooting at Safety Boy. Notable quotes are; "Get Down On The Ground!" "Stop!... Slow..." "YOU ARE ALL UNSAFE!" " I'm Richard Nixon!" "Why I Oughta!" and "Get Outa There, Lemons!"

Safety Boys are most commonly just people who play GTA (Grand Theft Auto). The most notable and famous Safety Boy is named Lemon, hence the quote. They all have a high respect for Lemon and look up to their Safety Master.
Steve: Hey Tom, I was a total Safety Boy last night! Totally killed that Granny! She might have had drugs in her bag, so i threw a grenade at her!

Tom: That was a good call, but were you wearing a parachute?

Steve: You bet! And a helmet!
by Safety Lemon January 07, 2012
A term used by gay men who do not use protection while having sexual encounters in public or semi public places to describe men who use condoms.
At the last second he unwrapped a condom and put it on, I didn't know he was a Safety Boy, but if that's what he wants, its OK with me.
by Danny-bear January 25, 2010
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