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generally a surname of a dude who is very stuck up. he can be quite intelligent, however he generally uses this to make others feel small and insignificant. he's a try-hard kid, and hates anything bright or colourful. he has little emotion, and only shows his angry side. he shows no respect to anyone and . he is a sexually driven person. he is also very untrustworthy
That kid is a sadler!
by amuckwing June 01, 2014
The surname of a filthy, uneducated, lazy, fat person. Most Sadlers suffer from type 2 diabetes due to the excessive amount of fat and sugar they consume. Unfortunately, with their unwillingness to learn they continue to eat meals big enough for 4 people as they lazily watch TV all day. Due to their severe laziness their homes are filthy. While they are rude and belittling to others, they have a soft spot for animals that are as stupid as their owners. In their homes, you will find animal dropping and vomit. Their homes smell of urine and disease. They never clean or repair their homes, allowing mold to grow rampant throughout. They are barbaric and belittle many, even small children. It has been suggested that they should not breed, yet they generally have more children then they can care for.
Wow, that old fat dude is an ignorant dude was so rude; he must be a Sadler.
by bloodykissesnumber1 May 26, 2016
Going to a party, staying sober all night, and not being able to hook up with a drunk girl.
Guy 1: Man, did you see all those shit-faced girls last night?
Guy 2: Yeah they could barely walk! Chuck didn't even drink and couldn't hook up with one!
Guy 1: Yeah he definately pulled a Sadler.
Guy 2: Or he's just gay.
by Kealyyy March 07, 2009
he has always desired the odd duck! he finds them attractive and chooses them over beautiful normal sexy human beings such as danielle just a fort!
duck duck quack quack
by DUCK March 11, 2005
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