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Sackboy is the name of the main character in LittleBigPlanet. He is (by default) a cute little stuffed animal whose skin is the texture of a potato sack, or something very similar. (In the game you are able to customize him.)
Sackboy is the cutest video game character ever!
by Spare Change Inc. August 02, 2008
A sexual term whereby a couple are performing 'from behind' intercourse and as the male is climaxing he then ejaculates upon her general head area and puts a sack over her head, resulting in the sack sticking. As she struggles he then pushes/kicks the female down the stairs, naked. (CSDS) - Cum, Sack, Down, Stairs
Q: "yo jim, did you sack boy marietta yet?"
A: "yer but we broke up and I have a court appearance on wednesday."
by kelly rikesh hannah josh jim g September 01, 2008

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