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When something is able to hit your ballsack if you move over it or move near to it, it is sackable.
Jeremy: yo dude that rail looks pretty high.
Ben: yea, I hope I can grind on it safely.
Jeremy: its sackable if you lose your skateboard man.


Dave: I'm gonna jump that pole.
Craig: walk over it quickly to see if it's sackable.
by Ten Bennison September 30, 2013
to greatly admire someone for the brief moment that thay did the coolest shit you've ever seen.
Man 1: yo did you just see that shit it was fucking awesome.
Man 2: yo i sack.
Man 3: yes sackable indubitably!

Women: i know you sack me bitches.
by I KNOW YOU SACK ME April 08, 2008

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