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1) A Chic that will kick it till the weed is gone.
" If you waana go kick it somewhere, there's always that Sack Chaser Tamiko"
by Deondre Duncan October 17, 2003
84 28
a grimey ass ho who wants all your dough
"I can't fuck with that bitch no more, she just a sack chasing ho
by D-Dubz June 13, 2004
34 12
A female that wants to bed a male to get his money. Ultimate jackpot for a sack chaser is a guy that has money and she gets pregnant. Cha-Ching$$
I may be fine, but I ain't no sack chaser. I can take care of mines.
by Babee September 21, 2004
18 16
A woman, usually of the spooteriffic spunk brigade, who chases one sack to get to another.
"I'll make your sexual fantasy a reality, and you can be my sugar daddy for one night. I'm not a sack chaser!!!"
by ThrownHunter May 29, 2009
21 37
1. A person that loves and chases and drools on the sight of a cack.

2. A Flaming fairy who loves Da Cack
1. i was down in the 812 and there was nothing but "Sackchasers" everywhere.

2. AMOK is a bunch of "Sackchasers"
by WTF mate January 26, 2005
3 20
A gay male who is addicted to ball sacks.
On my vacation to San Francisco I encountered numerous sack chasers.
by ThatCrookedCat November 19, 2009
13 34