1) A Chic that will kick it till the weed is gone.
" If you waana go kick it somewhere, there's always that Sack Chaser Tamiko"
by Deondre Duncan October 17, 2003
a grimey ass ho who wants all your dough
"I can't fuck with that bitch no more, she just a sack chasing ho
by D-Dubz June 13, 2004
A female that wants to bed a male to get his money. Ultimate jackpot for a sack chaser is a guy that has money and she gets pregnant. Cha-Ching$$
I may be fine, but I ain't no sack chaser. I can take care of mines.
by Babee September 21, 2004
A female that bounces from bag of dope to bag of dope. As long as you got some shit she'll be around when it's gone so is she
You going to date that sack chaser you better have a big bag.
by damoodafookinyank May 21, 2014
A woman, usually of the spooteriffic spunk brigade, who chases one sack to get to another.
"I'll make your sexual fantasy a reality, and you can be my sugar daddy for one night. I'm not a sack chaser!!!"
by ThrownHunter May 29, 2009
1. A person that loves and chases and drools on the sight of a cack.

2. A Flaming fairy who loves Da Cack
1. i was down in the 812 and there was nothing but "Sackchasers" everywhere.

2. AMOK is a bunch of "Sackchasers"
by WTF mate January 26, 2005
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