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she is a volleyball player who loves to chill and hang out with her friends and family :) she is funny and is always trying to make people laugh. she is flirty and is a troublemaker at times. she enjoys the beach and the S U N (: ! she loves to go to the movies and her favorite sequel is the Twilight Saga <3 everyone needs a Sabryn in their life !!
Hey , who did that ? uhhh , duh Sabryn (: !

Dang , thats a Sabryn right there .
by Bro from another Hoe November 22, 2011
A super smart, pretty, talented girl who sometimes goes crazy over the things she loves :D She can be shy at times, especially around people she likes, or doesn't know. She loves to read, and science is her favorite! If u know a Sabryn u are a very lucky person <3
Sabryn is my best friend!! She is sooooo much fun!
by Bob the cat man May 02, 2015
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