Sabrina is a fun-loving one of a kind girl.she's a great girlfriend and is very romantic person.if you ever meet a Sabrina don't let her go.
Examle:"dude I'm dating Sabrina!!"
by SaBrinalover August 29, 2011
Sabrina is definitely unique. She is someone beautiful, has a very curvy figure, big boobs, dark blonde wavy hair, and big brown eyes with long eyelashes that will make any guy love her.

She is someone who loves to read, and chat with her many close friends. She will be with her friends until the end. Going against her is not a good idea, she is a fighter. She will flirt with any guy, no matter if she likes him or not. Her style is truly her own, boot cut jeans, and a v-neck t-shirt, with a sweater.

It's impossible not to like her. She is beautiful even though she won't admit it. Loves to gossip.
Sabrina Nicknames:
by unknown8643 July 21, 2010
A black haired girl with gorgeous brown eyes. Shes the nicest friend you could ever have. Shes interested in fashion and make up. Sabrina is friendliest person EVA~
Friend: My tummy hurts :(
Sabrina: I hope you feel betetr :D
Friend ily~
by You :) October 19, 2010
Definitely the sexiest girl around! Sabrina is shy, but once you get her talking, you'll realize she is really interesting and funny. Sabrina is very observational, and asks questions that make you think. She's very smart, and overall she has good moral. But she still loves to party! Sabrina is very fit and strong, as well as independent. But if you ever get the opportunity to be with a Sabrina, don't let her go! There's a very slim chance you'll find another girl as amazing as her ever again.
Boy 1: Wow, that girl is stunning! Not only is she great to look at, she's really interesting!
Boy 2: Dude, that's Sabrina! Don't miss your chance with her!
by mexicanomilano January 28, 2013
A green eyed mysterious girl. She is nice, but don't get on her bad side. She is fun loving&&most of her friends are guys because girls can just be bitches. She is very smart and dedicated to her education. Her passion is singing. She loves anything to do with music. You will see her name in lights one day. She loves to chill with her friends and have a blast. She is one of the most loyal people out there. This is a girl who you would be lucky to have in your life. When she falls in love she puts her whole heart into it. Even though she has been hurt so many times.
by Knows the real Sabrina February 18, 2011
The coolest person ever, Completely amazing in every way. Has a weird but cute laugh and tries too see the best in people. She's very smart but not alway's determined. She wear's her heart on her sleeve & can be nieve at times. She's the nicest person you'll meet as long as you are back. Shes indescribable, But very beautiful and gorgeous. She tries too please all and is very kind. She cares or animals and uses manner's. She has big brown eye's and dark brown hair, she can be the best of friend or the best girlfriend. She'll stand up for herself but she's alot of fun.
by Cali49<3 June 04, 2011
An amazing girl who everyone likes and is perfect in every way possible. She's beautiful, smart, funny, sweet, caring, trustworthy, astonishing, and so much more. She is every guys dream and is a perfect role model for other girls. She
knows exactly what to say to a boy to drive him crazy. Her smile is worth doing anything and everything just to see it. Everything about her is perfect, there is not one single thing that is bad about her. There are no possible words that could describe what she is like because i have never seen anything like it, she is literally perfect in every way. And she is my angel <3
Sabrina is the best she is amazing and perfect
by joe23:) April 08, 2011
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