a name given to those who are cute, but nerdy. They rather spend time reading or doing homework then partying. They are good at sex, if you are lucky enough to get them in bed and away from a book. Sabrina will turn you on, but usually leave you hanging and wanting more.
Guy: wow Sabrina is cute, think you can hook me up!

Guy2: nah man, she's already married to her studies.
by Nathan653839 January 02, 2009
A beautiful innocent girl who gets bitchy on hot days but manages to still look good, sweet & one of a kind. With a personality that makes you love them from the moment your eye to eyed. Sabrinas love to text & laugh at things that still don't make sense but they're very amazing & honest.
Sabrina had her purple dress on today.
by emjikalo July 25, 2009
Smart, outgoing, funny as hell, witty, confident, hot and a bangin' big ass! She's a tease, but damn she'll please! Always a sense of in control and in charge and the right guy let's her think that she is. Everything runs on Sabrina Time, which is I WANT IT NOW! Def an original, and I realize I can't live without her as high end as she is. She left me once, but not again, I'll make sure of that!
Sabrina, will you marry me?
by Dep A February 03, 2010
a special, intelligent female with a sarcastic wit, a fiery temptress and a woman who knows her own mind. She is a man's woman. Feminine and sexy yet, strong. Willful, yet pleasing. A loyal and true friend, with lots of love and kindness to give. She cherishes family and friends and moves heaven and earth for them. She is curvy, hot, dark-haired, brown-eyed and has olive skin. Most of all, she is passionate in all facets of her life. All of them.
Man, that Sabrina is one amazing woman!
by gregbrady February 03, 2010
Based on our research, most people would imagine a person with the name Sabrina to be: Sexy and slighly mischievous

In one word, you might describe Sabrina as a(n) "sexy" person.
Sabrina the movie
by fitgirl February 03, 2010
A special, crazy girl who is a brown haired firecracker. Can be shy at times, and is drop dead gorgeous. Known to have big boobs and wavy/curly hair. She is fun, loves music and has big beatiful eyes that sparkle. She is loyal and a truly fun person. Has unique food taste and likes all sorts of music. One of the nicest people you will meet. She has your back all the time. Everyone smiles when they hear her name. She is very unique, and amazingly talented. Keeps secrets when you can't even tell your parents your problems. She will make you feel guilty out of your mind if you hurt her just by ignoring you. Just to know her is a benefit to your entire life.
That Sabrina is something else.
by tsby February 04, 2010
A beautiful girl thats is hard to stop looking at, and is super cool, and funny, and asks favors, and loves cosimo`
she asked me to get her a pack of gum, such a sabrina
by your fuck king May 26, 2009

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