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A very good band that focuses on war, they have very powerful songs and are one of the few power metal bands where the keyboard is louder than the guitar.
From Sabaton's song 40 to 1: "A Barrage of Mortors and Guns"
by paz1994 December 21, 2009
A Swedish power metal band that focuses around war
Have you heard the Sabaton World War II song, "40:1" on their album "Art of War"? That shit is good.
by Sabatonfan February 24, 2009

is a Gay metal band that suck a lot of cocks formed in 1999. Also they make many insecure penile references in some of their songs for example "Cockrider" "Endlessckocks", "Hail to the cock", "Rainbowstorm", "The Gay Division" and "Reign of Penis"


Cock for fight
Atter Cockinatus
Primo Cocktoria
The art of Cock
Cock Up My Ass (upcoming album)
I saw Sabaton on cockstock festival they sucked major cocks there.
by Joakim Brodén September 30, 2009
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