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The name given to a typical indian who smells of curry or tadka!
"Raar my man gurj is like saag"

"Whats that smell you saagy $%$"

"I bet you carry makkhi di roti with your pocket just in case you spot saag haha"
by DesiJattNu August 22, 2011
Cool, fucking awesome,
I was hanging with my bro, then he wiped out a bong it was saag as fuck!
by Dustymac July 08, 2012
The defintion of a dog in dari (an afghani language for u retard.) LIke tu saag asti khar
or Yo nigga look at all dem female khars up in this bazaar.
OR yo homie bachem so many saags in this Khaana..
OR put ur hands up my saags BOM BOM BOM
yo yo yo saag yooooooooooooooooo
by yoyooy April 23, 2008
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