Hardcore term for savages.
Those putos who jacked Cynthia are such savs. Let's gank them!
by rezzix November 14, 2002
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Rapper from Los Angeles, CA. Main contents of his songs are about partying, drug binges, having sexual relations with married women, and not having any care about the people he tends to offend through his music, as well as his personal life.
"Bitches always be like, have you seen SaV!, and we always be like yeah bitch and he ain't fucksin' wit yo' ass"

"We in the back of the kitchen with fat bitches who will tag team that ass even if the rags drippin'"

"Out these city limits speedin' quick keepin' beedies lit/I'll never put you on your songs soundin' like a needy bitch"
by KinSTEr February 20, 2012
1. (noun) short for "savage." A person who is absolutely dominant at everything. Usually, 'savs' exhibit characteristics such as bravery and intelligence mixed with insanity.
2. (adj) having the characteristics of being savage
3. (verb)to accomplish a task easily and thoroughly
1. This kid right here is such a sav. He eats ten meals a day, saves the world, and still has time to watch Hey Arnold! Legit.
2. Special K is such a sav cereal. I eat it every morning because I'm sav.
3. Wow, he just aced all of his finals. He really savved it up.
by Neil Z May 05, 2008
noun: A person who exhibits the admirable traits of a savage, for instance being able to kill a cheeta with one's bear hands or aliing a twenty stair.

O shit! The motherfucker is a sav.
by Unknown November 08, 2003
1) to : Slap A Vag

2) also, the act of : Slapping A Vag ... written as SAVing
Wow man, SAV.

I heard he was SAVing the other day in class.
by TBUtoSAV May 24, 2009
SAV (noun) - Acronym for Slow Ass Vehicle. Used when the car in front of you is driving incredibly slow, usually below the speed limit, and there is no way to pass the vehicle. This may be because there is only one lane in each direction or on the highway multiple SAVs are making an impassible "wall" of slowness, driving at the exact same speed together side-by-side in several lanes.
1. God damn it, this fucking SAV is driving 15 in a 35, i'm trying to get go work!

2. Move, bitch, get out the way! Fucking SAV.
by markatl December 09, 2011
The word is for people who are really gay, and means Such a Vagina.
The kid was S.A.V. today.
by DTRB January 17, 2008

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