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-Used as an exclamation after burning some one or showing them up. Most notably used by Big Ed the intern on Scrubs season 8, episode 5, "My ABC's."
Cox: And you, legally blond. What are the possible causes of this patient's hemotemisis?
Katie: Peptic ulcer disease, esophageal varicease, or Zallinger-Ellis' Syndrome.
Cox: That's actually correct.
Katie: YES!
Cox: And if you're wondering why I say actually, you have proven to be such a vapid, helpless, incompetent that for you to say something correct is such a wild departure from the norm. Therefore, I decided that I had better pick a word that drew attention to the fact that it was such an extraordinary occurrence and I went ahead and chose actually.
Big Ed: SZWA!!!!!!!!
by The Papal One February 27, 2009
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