slit your throat.
Me: Actually, Martin Bashir and Conrad Murray, sywv isnt enough, go syt.
by heeyebsx3 December 01, 2009
Top Definition
Sweet young thing. A young pretty naive girl.

I met this SYT in the library.
by S Chestnut March 15, 2007
'Shut your trap' - Generally used in text speak.
Person 1: Dude, I totally slept with your mum last night.
Person 2: syt man.
by SirMetalKing April 04, 2015
AIM abbreviation for "see you there" or "see you tomorrow".
me: so RU going to that concert this weekend?
you: yeah, I guess.
me: awesome, syt!
by emonucani September 06, 2007
A internet messaging (AIM) term meaning "see you there," an example similar is LOL (laughing out loud) or OMG (oh my god)
thepimpmaster77: So you coming to school today?
xXsexifreakXx: yes, syt bitch
by Scruggs June 17, 2007

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