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Acrynyom for:

Hey man, you can just SYCH, alright!?
by teknofile October 14, 2004
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One of THE sexiest level 3 skillers on RuneScape around. People envy him, and his partner: D5a5n5i5e5l5
Guy 1: Oh Dude.... || Guy 2: What? || Guy 1: Sych just got 99 Agility! AT LVL 3!! || Guy 2: ....I want to be him ffs.... || Guy 1: And D5 tells me he's great in bed! || Guy 2: \\\\\wrists
by Sych August 27, 2009
This situation would be improved with lesbians.
Why are there so many dudes here? Sych.
by Dictionary dudes July 25, 2006

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