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M.O.B.= money over bitches
Swag = One's appearance, style ,or the way he/she presents his/herself.

Thus SWOB would refer the "Swag" that accompanies the M.O.B. mentality.

If one's motto was Money over Bitches, the philosophy denotes that a man who wants money and/or true power must always put money first and women second.

And when one truly embodies this, it is refered to as SWOB.
"Ay fam, how you livin'?"

"you know i be on that SWOB."


I'm not fuckin witchu hoes no' mo'! I'm SWOB bitch!
by FaZiLLaH March 24, 2013
to hit someone on the back of the head
this must heart or it is not a swab
jack: bahdgahasbjgfds sahgfdui

me: shut up or i will swab you

jack: ..........
by Sam May 21, 2004