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SWIB: She Wants It Bad.

The second thing to happen after a girl spots you at a bar. Exact definition means that she's looking at you while talking to her friend... but covering her mouth so that you can't see what she's saying. As if it wasn't obvious...
B: "Scotty, that girl is staring you down"
SW: "I KNOOOWWW!!!!! SWIB! Finally!"
by meblaise January 13, 2011
Slang for female ejaculate
She swibbed all over the was like a puddle
by JohnAndy January 05, 2009
a feeling of disappointment about a certain situation
Sam: "Oh no, there's no more drink left."
Jim: "That's swibs that is man."


Joe: "Alex is nickin' all your stuff!"
Dan: "As if, he's a swibadon!"
by Swibadon March 05, 2009
It is short for "Secretly We Is Black"
White rapper: we be swib as swib can be

Black Person: THATS RACIST
by theSWIBmaster April 27, 2014
when a person in a relationship gets an interest from someone of the opposite sex and rejects them
She totally "wanted it", i could tell, so i had to lay down the swibs.
by grib April 02, 2010
The acronym and iteration of the age old axiom, "Stah Wahrz Iz Bettah!"; coined a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
Han Solo vs. Captain Kirk!?? Psh. SWIB!!
by Darth Thanatos March 31, 2010
the most amazing version of dibs ever
counters all other dibsing of any sort

the best way to say cool,or awesome!
omg theres only one chicken wing

i just jumped that bigass thing on my bike
by njvsbfbhjabf September 24, 2009

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