An incredible phenomenon. Akin to crack cocaine. Produces a euphoric high, but is expensive, incredibly dangerous and ruins your life. Warning, just say "no" to "SWG" kids. And don't let Bru Swillis tell you otherwise!
SWG Fanboi: "Maaaaan, I was on SWG last night for twelve hours straight it was sooo coool"

Pragma "Wow! What did you do?"

SWG Fanboi: "I ran around and danced in a bar with a chick with blue skin and elephant trunks coming out of her head"

Pragma: Uh-Huh...
by pragma January 07, 2004
Top Definition
Star Wars Galaxies
by BBQ Sheep March 27, 2003
Something that is so unbelievably stupid, screwed up and defective that it makes your brain hurt when you try to figure out why it is so screwed up, stupid and defective.

Similar words clusterfuck goatfuck.
I used to enjoy playing that Star Wars MMORPG game, but now it has just turned into one big swg.

Can you believe that new publish broke more that it fixed? That's a typical swg!

The CSR said to fix the Jedi visibility I needed to update my video card drivers. What a SWG!

Sure, we fixed the (INSERT KNOWN PROBLEM THAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR 6 MONTHS HERE). You did? Why did it just happen again? Unbelievable what a swg this game has become.
by Zippy January 28, 2005
Acronym for Sweet Wholesome Gal/Girl. From Ryan Higa's song, S. W. G.
A sweet wholesome girl basically isn't a slut.
Can also be abbreviated SWG, S.W.G. or S W G.
I love girls who wear long skirts and have straight A's
Don't you mean an S. W. G.?
by That One Female Gamer November 23, 2014
Game that blows Evercrack and World of War Crap out of the water. . . unless you're entirely too linier minded and like simple tasks. The comunity is great, and you can get the expantion and blow up stuff in full 3-d space. . . not many games can say they have full space and full ground elements in their game that are integrated.
SWG isn't 1337. . . no one with a semi-functional brain uses that word seriously anymore. . .
Star wars galaxies does, however, kick serious ass if you like to use your brain at all.
by Evits Renolc December 17, 2004
SWG: n: soapy water guy/gal. person with homicidal intent that manifests by applying generous quantities of detergent-laden water to a roadway curve, thereby greatly increasing the odds of traction loss and accident for passing sportbikes.
The SWG threw the bucket of water at philthethrill. You can't accidentally or unintentionally do that.
by GimmeRep? November 16, 2010
an acronym for "skin wouldn't graft", a very lazy person perceived to be so bone idle even his skin isn't working
look at alex over there, another fine example of SWG, off for yet another drink when there's calls waiting, man he is so lazy his skin wouldn't graft
by Davethejag June 14, 2010
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