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A Teesside case of a gentleman who is bald on the upper part of his head but who has a perfect ring of hair on the lower part of his head, slightly resembling a monk
look at ralf! he looks like a right "egg in a bun" he should get it all off
by davethejag October 18, 2007
making love to a woman who has had several gentlemen precede you into the said woman leaving their ejaculate inside the said woman, her pussy being full cum, hence porridge!
i don't know what fash is up to, but if he gets into pd he'll definitely be stirring porridge on a grand scale.
bagging up is required at the very least!
by davethejag February 22, 2009
Acronym for "I Have a Dildo Up Me Arse", a term relating to a person with an extremely strange walk and sits down very gingerly so much so that it appears they have some sort of large sex aid inserted into their anus and it is causing extreme discomfort
Cor look at jason over there, never seen anyone walking and sitting down like that, looks like he's got a 12 incher up his arse, he's IHADUMA, it's gonna be the end of him if he doesn't remove it
by davethejag July 13, 2010
driving a vehicle to it's maximum capabilities of performance
i have a misfire on me vectra, but it only happens at high speed when i'm hossin the tits off it!
by davethejag February 06, 2009
ejaculating into a person's eye, thus "taking it out" as per king harold at the battle of hastings in 1066
fash was getting tugged by his lass but he shot his muck into his own eye giving himself a king harold and was blinded for a while until he managed to get to a&e for a hose down
by davethejag April 05, 2009
when a colleague passes on potentially sensitive material about yourself to management to ingratiate himself with the said management boosting his own position.
manhead was dropped right in the shat by ralf, he outed him by showing wedgy pictures of manheads facebook which went down like a lead balloon and left manhead in the bad books
by davethejag February 15, 2009
a gentleman whis is an egg in a nest but has homosexual tendencies, hence he is an egg in a bum
cor look at baldy julian with phil there, a right pair of shirtlifter, i bet he's an egg in a bum!
by davethejag October 23, 2007

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