serious waste a time
when you walk by an ugly bitch, or virgin you say swat
by angie December 13, 2003
A team of specially trained policemen in Lubbock, Texas that often attack the local citizens with automatic/semi-automatic firearms, but only successfully kill/injure each other.
The swat shot up another innocent family today in Lubbock.
by llama November 30, 2003
Person: Billy, you should join the S.W.A.T.!
Billy: DRRRRRR thanks!
by Christy Y. December 11, 2004
Best movie in da world!!
Colin Farrell is SOOOOOO hot
by anonymous January 31, 2004
Special Weapons Anticrime Taskforce
the swat team set up with machine guns
and snipers.
by Pee-tur August 01, 2003

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