Rubbish or ugly.
Those trainers are swag
by ratman October 25, 2003
yea, that kid is the definition of SWAG
by chrisscrossboss April 04, 2011
Cade Devlin
Wow, look at that swag. Ya, that's Cade Devlin.
by woooooohhhhh December 13, 2011
acronym for sick, wicked, awesome, gnarly.
That was a fully swag song, mate.
by poo-slicer September 13, 2003
The way you carry yourself.

Synonyms: Sexy, charismatic, cool

Often used to exhibit a characteristic of an object or subject:

Popular Culture References:

SWAG KING - Kanye West

No one in the corner have swagger like us - M.I.A Paper Planes

Also a name of the song by T.I. Jay-Z and Kanye

Swag Surfing - Lil Wayne

Improper Use of the Word SWAG:
Secretly We Are Gay

This is not an accurate definition or meaning of the term, however it is commonly used by haters of the word SWAG to destroy the integrity of the word and diminish its value in an attempt to get uninformed people to stop using this term.
Once I get my Marc Jacobs on, I will be swag surfing.

My swag make all the bitches wet, I am swagnificent.

My swag make all yall look bummy.

Improper Use of SWAG:
Person 1: I am the SWAG King

Person 2 to Person 3: He is SWAG KING, Person 1 doesn;t know the actual meaning of the word SWAG it stand for, Secretly We are Gay ahahha
Person 3: No way ! ahahah

Person 1: Lol at the dumb haters they will never have SWAG Like Moi let me demonstrate haters
Person 1 goes up to the sexiest girl in the room, smacks her ass

Sexy Girl: hehehehe stop it

Person 1: ;)

Person 2 and 3: (Getting angry and jealous cuz they got no swag)
by JayKol August 06, 2012
When somthing is SHIT, CRAP, RUBBISH
Tom man your phone is fucking swag..
by Tom Mark Michael Simons February 27, 2008
Jared Roberts he has absolutly 10000000000000000% swag
He can rap like a boss because of his swag

J-rob swag...
by josea bonito October 13, 2011

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