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1. extremely high level of awesomeness!!!
2. badassness
"dude!!!...i had sex with ten chicks last night....i'm so SUPKI....i wanna be me when i grow up =)"
by Deezy =P August 31, 2008
the phrase the arab guy at pantry 1 says when u walk in to the store. we think it is an arab attempt at sup kid. its mad funnt when he says it. he usually accompinies it with a "long time no ki". no one that is an American knows what he is saying it must be an arab thing. he uses it so much we have came to know his store as Sup Ki's. sometimes he tries to be funny and doesnt give us our change. its annoying.
Arab Pantry Guy: sup ki
Me and my friends: um ok sup
Arab Pantry Guy: long time no ki
Me and my friends: yea whatever can u just ring us up?
Arab Pantry guy: ok ki
Me and my friends: thanks
Arab pantry guy: thats 2.93 ki
Me and my friends: ok (give him money)
Arab pantry guy: bye ki
Me and my friends: can we haveour change?
Arab pantry guy: sorry ki bye
by barba wilf April 12, 2008

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