acronym for straight up chillin
person 1 - yo what you doing right now

person 2 - suc
by Gilbis September 01, 2007
This stands for the screwed up click which is located in most likely houston texas.
Paul wall is repping for the S.U.C.
by johny ray July 09, 2006
This word describes a 21 century automotive craze of combining vehicles, in this case, a Sport Utility Vehicle & a Truck - SUC
Brand new to the showroom, the new Avalanch, with the latest is SUC styling
by BillyBob March 13, 2004
Meaning the Supplementary United Cultural Society it's a secret society based of the Rusty Turnips a formally active gang ran in eastern illinois.
Person 1: have you heard of the S.U.C.S

Person 2: shhhhhhh
by JohnnyApplePenis October 13, 2014

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