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shut the fuck up

in the frenzy of saying stfu most people show less attention to proper key typage and instead of typing STFU indeed type STUF.
see pwned
by stuf April 29, 2003
Shut the UP fuck.
<TheLoneRanger> STUF
<Guy> You mean stfu?
<TheLoneRanger> NO, I MEAN STUF. NOW STUF.
by TheLoneRanger! February 22, 2003
The sugary white substance in the middle of an Oreo cookie.
In a pinch, the stuf from two regular Oreos can be combined to produce a pretty good facsimile of a Double Stuf Oreo.
by hashashin September 27, 2004
Similar to stuff, except only cooler.
"Woh look at that stuf"
by AHHHHHHHHH September 24, 2003
Shut the UP fuck!

STUF © 2003 Fuzzed, Ltd. Imperial Operatives and TheLoneRanger, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use of this word is strictly prohibited. Go ahead. Use it. We dare you.
<TheLoneRanger> I really do like kitties, though.
<Lum> Um, stuf?
by Lum February 22, 2003
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