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An adaptation to STFU, which has included a "fucking" to it. Basically translates to "Shut The Fucking Fuck Up!" Has no real purpose except to emphasize that you want the certain someone(s) to shut up.
Dude1:OMG Wassup dawg!

by monkeygodkiller August 16, 2007
shut the fuckin' fuck up
when George W. Bush talks you can say StFFU
by JEFF_HARDY_GIRL April 24, 2010
Shut the flying fuck up.
Similar to stfu but used for more random people.
Jakki: "So I heard this really funny joke yesterday! But... I forgot it. It was really good though."
Calvin: "Dude, stffu, why don't you stop eating so much sugar and go jump off your roof and try to fly"
by Batmanxisxrad October 14, 2008

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