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Located in Milford, Pennsylvania, STDV (refered to as Delaware Valley High School by administration and some staff,) STDV is the high school we all saw on CNN last year for the astonishing increase of STD's and pregnancies. Over half of the student body contracted one form of an STI, while there were four accounts of HIV. Every other girl (and every four guys) spends their weekends making babies.

In 2007, 24 girls were inpregnated.
In 2008, 18 girls were inpregnated.
In 2009, so far 6 girls have been impregnated.

In the form of stereotype

25%: JOCK
20%: EMO

OTHER= people with no friends, people who vary so much that they can't fall under a stereotype, people who are creepers, and so on.

STDV is a great school and if every person in the world attended it, about 4% of the world population would have intelligence.
dude 1: "Hey, that chick just got HIV tested positive!"
dude 2: "Dude, she comes from STDV, of course she tested positive."

chick 1: "Eff, I ran out of pot! I'm going to go insane this weekend, I used all my money on condoms and that fucking crabs formula."
chick 2: "Um, that's because you go to STDV. I go to York, and I already make $400,000 a year."
by the_quiet_chick May 20, 2009
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stdv stands for delaware valley highschool in milford pa... its is soo dirty full of std it made cnn, go figure.. also if your not a cheerleader, football player, sports person, or a ap student good luck on having a good time there due to you will be treated like a worthless piece of garbage.. plus the food is so nasty that stds are scared of it.
hey want to go see a dv football game, no way if you sit on the bleachers you will get a std, and be known as a stdv student, im glad i dont go there
by unknown12347 August 29, 2009

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