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Originally used in the year 2010 by Mashup Militia (a youtube group) to mean "Subjugate That Bitch"
Bro: Mmmm I love this sandwich
Girl: Can I have a piece?
Bro: How bout GTFO!
2nd Bro: STB!
by Mashup Militia January 10, 2011
"Sh*t the bed". Used when something particuarly unfortunate occurs.
Examples include, sh*tting the bed or even worse going home early after a night out in Liverpool, returning back to your unnamed hotel and soiling the carpet and walls (?) of a whole hotel corridor. Of course, to emphasise your stupidity, you will first take off the majority of your clothes, 'hide' them in a hotel cleaning cupboard for no apparent reason and alert the german workmen staying in the same hotel of the treat you've created outside their door by banging on it loudly shouting "2 world wars and 1 world cup".

You will of course complete the embrassing episode by losing your watch, wallet and mobile phone and then be "showered down" by one of the disgusted hotel bar staff (who will have found you unconscious).

Your first comment in the morning will thus be; "S.T.B".
by James Britton February 01, 2006
Shake the bed
I went to my girlfriends house and she asked me if i wanna stb with her
by rebel#4 April 29, 2011
An acronym for See The Bottom. Refers to chugging back an alcoholic drink until it is finished and you can See The Bottom of the glass. Most commonly associated with drinks containing Crown Royal Whiskey, or other forms of whiskey.
STB that drink
by theboyknowsbest May 13, 2011
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