Top Definition
Slap That Fucking Bitch!
Person 1: "Yo man, dis bitch is really getting on my nerves."

Yo man: "STFB!"

Person 1: *Slaps that fucking bitch*
by Itz_Coleman July 10, 2014
Stand The Fuck By
Used in texting to state that you will deal with this a-hole at a later date...

"I noticed you popped a boner staring at my Mom's tits. Not cool bro, STFB."
by mikedeltagolf March 05, 2015
Storm the Fucking Base. A mod for the game Minecraft where you form a clan with your friends, build a fortress, and then spar with other clans for land, resources, and glory. Designed and hosted by RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).
I'm going on the STFB server tonight, are you?

Hell yeah!
by AeroMance November 20, 2011
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