Nickname for the rural village of st albans, near London.

The agricultural people of this minor village call it STA for short.
Do not trespass on their land. THEY WILL SHOOT YOU and chase you down in their horse and cart, except for at night, where they cant see because they have not been supplied with the blessing of electricity.
Kid: Im going to STA to go cow tipping
Friend: Are you crazy?! theyl have you on the end of their pitchforks!
Kid: Dont worry! Were going at night. The damn hillbillys wont be able to see us, or catch us on their horse and carts.
Friend: Be careful. Iv heard they can be cannibals. Watch out for the STA tribe!
by Kev80 December 04, 2009
Top Definition
1. Slut Training Academy: a high school full of very promiscuous teenage girls who wear revealing clothing and switch boyfriends every 2 weeks.

2. Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School: a catholic high school, in London, Ontario, Canada. For more info, see previous definition.
1. My school is such an STA.

2. I go to STA, and I got laid my first year.
by Inspiratron June 12, 2008


and no it does not mean anal, you are clearly just retarded and do not understand us.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: STA?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: STA?
Stranger: YES SCHOOL?
by amyandlivi January 15, 2010
Stas, A really sexy and sexual object. Is very popular, and hard to get. So many try but fail.
Person:I wanna have sex with Stas tonight!
Other Person: Bitch plsss, U aint ever gonna get that.
by LaQuiFa March 04, 2012
a person whos always butthurt and converting people into becoming butthurt. he expresses his beliefs on being butthut by being butthurt to everything he sees or hears. like if someone call him stupid hell be all "dont call me stupid thats mean man", and starts to sob. Beware of these people they will convert you watch your back at all times. "better watch your back...or he might...GET YA"
Andrew: "dude i think that guys a stas"
Blaine: "naw man i dun think so, what makes you say so"
Andrew: "i offered him some gummy bears and get got all butthurt and started crying" he was all dude you sayen im poor enough to not be able to afford my own bears huh?
by mastaG April 29, 2008
Name of a city in England.
Real city called St.Albans.
Located just outside London.
Pronounced as three individual letters - S T A
"What you up to today?"
"I'm going into STA to go shopping."
by jamjar777 March 11, 2009
The final level of daring someone to do something past the "triple dog dare". This includes, but not is limited to, making a bikini out of cheese singles and peanut butter.
I sta you to makeout with the homeless man.

I sta you to pee in a bucket and drink it.
by notsta April 06, 2011
Surveillance and Target Acquisition

USMC snipers.
The main goal for STA is gathering information and taking out priority targets. They are not supposed to shoot every enemy they spot although that can be an option.
by The Amazing AO October 26, 2005
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